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Janit-X Professional Luxury Pink Pearlised Soap 5 Litre Pack of 1 Contains a special skincare emollient making it pleasing to use and gentle on the skin. ""A gentle, viscous hand soap which produces a rich, creamy lather that leaves the hands clean and soft without irritation."" This bulk-fill pink pearlised soap can be used with a number of washroom dispens...
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Janit-X Professional White Pearlised Soap 5 Litre Pack of 1
  • Janit-X White Pearlised Soap 5 Litre.
  • A luxury perfumed white liquid soap.
  • White Pearl Hand Soap is a cosmetic grade soap designed to cleanse and condition the skin.
  • Made from superior quality ingredients to produce a rich, mild foam.
  • White Pearl Han...
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Janit-X Hand Soap Dispenser 900ml Pack of 1 Solid, reliable & stylish wall mounted soap dispensers Highly versatile, they are made of the same unique mechanism as they come with a variety of interchangeable pumps and containers, reducing distribution constraints and enabling easy upgrading from one product to the other. This specificity ...
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Janit-X Professional Hand Angel Sanitiser 5 Litre Pack of 1

A high quality soap ready for dispensing use.

Can be dispensed using the Janit-X Hand Soap Dispenser

Quickly removes grease and grime and other substances, leaving hands clean, smooth, soft, & smelling fresh!

Contains 60% Alcohol.

A rapid drying, non-rinse hand...

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Janit-X Professional Citrus Scrub 5 Litre Pack of 1

Citrus scented scrub.

An orange scented hand cleaner containing scrubbing agents for added cleaning power, Buster Extra has been manufactured to a carefully controlled non-drip consistency.

Suitable to remove oil, grease, ink, bitumen, asphalt, tar, paint, plaster, creosote, mud a...

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Janit-X 5 Litre Pump Pack of 1
  • For Use with Janit-X 5 Litre Range
  • 7cc Shot
  • Works well with a wide variety of products including; Hygiene, waxes, and cleaning chemicals
  • High Performance
  • Easy to Use
  • High Quality Pump
  • ...
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