Acqua Panna Still Water GLASS 24x250ml
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Glass Acqua Panna Still Water 24 x 250ml Acqua Panna’s elegant glass bottle - distinctive in the beauty of the shape called “Vichy” that it shares with its sparkly counterpart, S.Pellegrino - embodies the water’s values of extreme purity and transparency. Its classic, graceful lines effortlessly evoke the charm of Renaissance and history on the finest dinner tables of the world. Acqua Panna used to come in these premium glass bottles only, aimed primarily at the hotels and best restaurants.

Natural mineral water forms below the earth’s surface, creating a source with recognized properties favorable to health. As it flows underground, the water undergoes changes in its physical and chemicals composition, acquiring truly inimitable traits. Thanks to a 15-year journey deep underground through rock strata, Acqua Panna exhibits unaltered purity together with a particular balanced formula that doesn’t dominate but heightens the taste of fine food.


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