Kelloggs Cereal Variety Pack's (5x7's) 35's
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Perfect for food service, this Kelloggs Variety Pack includes a selection of 5 of Kelloggs best selling cereals, individually wrapped and packaged into 35 portion boxes. Includes
7 x Cornflakes
7 x Cocopops
7 x Rice Krispies
7 x Crunchy Nut
7 x Special K With something for everyone, you'll be hard tasked to find a cereal eater who doesn't love something in this variety pack! More Info
Kelloggs Cornflakes 24g - Toasted flakes of golden corn
Cocopops 35g - Chocolate flavour toasted rice
Kelloggs Rice Krispies 22g - From grains to snap crackle & pop... yummy!
Crunchy Nut Cornflakes 35g - Golden flakes of corn with sugar, peanuts & honey
Kelloggs Special K 30g - Crunchy rice, wholewheat and barely flakes
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