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NKD Living Erythritol Granulated 300g Pack of 1
  • (300g) 100% Natural non-GMO erythritol. ZERO calories, ZERO active carbohydrates.

  • Crystal clean taste, 70% sweeteness of sugar, no bitter aftertaste...

(33.42% discount)
NKD Living Erythritol Gold 500g Pack of 1

Erythritol GOLD is the perfect brown sugar replacement, with 93% less calories than sugar, that's only 1.4 calories per teaspoon! It has the same sweetness so can directly replace the sugar content in recipes. Use it just like sugar, for hot drinks and baking!

(33.38% discount)
NKD Living Stevia Tablets Pack 200's Pack of 1
  • 200 Stevia tablets

  • 98% pure non-GMO stevia (98% Reb-A, Premium non-bitter Stevia extract)<...

(33.39% discount)
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