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Nestlé Professional Cost Price Increase

Nestlé Professional will be increasing cost prices on its Beverage, Food, Dairy and Baked Dessert Ingredients portfolio. These changes are necessary due to the significant increase in input costs which have affected our products and our ongoing commitment to invest in our brands in these categories.
All of these cost price changes will be effective on deliveries dispatched after 12:01 a.m. on 4th October 2021.
Please find enclosed the revised Nestlé Professional cost price list which is effective from this date. Your company remains free to determine its resale prices.
Thank you for your continued support of Nestlé Professional.
Price increases range from 4% to 8% on the vast majority of lines.
Pricing will increase from NWT on orders placed commencing 1st October.


We will be implementing a cost price increase across some of our brands/Skus on November 1st 2021. This decision has been made by the business due to several contributing factors;

• Global Shipping costs – over the last 12 months we have absorbed significant costs for shipping across container pricing and transportation.

• Raw Materials – we are taking increases on all raw materials in some case as much as 69% on certain ingredients

• Packaging materials – we have also been subject to increases up to 41% on some of the materials we use.

All of the increases have been absorbed over the last 12 months, however we will now implementing these changes which will be updated in our systems to go live from November 1st 2021.


You will be aware of inflationary pressures across the food industry. This has led to significant increases in our raw materials and packaging for the products and brands we represent. Whilst we have worked extremely hard over the past few months to mitigate as many of these increases as possible, it has now gone beyond the point whereby we can absorb such increases any longer. Consequently we have no alternative other than to increase the price of some specific product lines.

The changes are detailed on the attached schedule and these will become effective on all deliveries made from 27/09/2021.

These increases are a direct result of the exceptional commodity and cost inflation that we are experiencing, as highlighted in the accompanying graphs. I trust that you will understand that we have no alternative course of action and acknowledge that we have kept the necessary increases to an absolute minimum.


I am writing to inform you of price changes across a number of products supplied by Butcher's Pet Care which will come into effect on all orders from Monday 13th September. Over the past year we have all seen significant inflation across raw materials, packaging and operating costs.
In recent months this has accelerated to levels not seen for many years. As a responsible supplier, we have made every effort to mitigate these costs and avoid passing these on to our customers but with these sustained inflationary pressures we have reached the point where we are no longer able to absorb these higher costs.
As a result, please be advised that Butchers Pet Care will be applying increased cost prices of +7.5% across all our Can (Cat & Dog) & Alu Tray ranges. A copy of the detail has been enclosed.


Regrettably, we are unable to further absorb price increases of this order and we have no alternative but to impose a price rise of 10% from the 1st September 2021 on the following Hedgehog branded products:

  • Hedgehog Easy Air Wedge
  • Hedgehog Gutter Clip


Cost Price changes

The Lavazza Group constantly assesses its operational and manufacturing costs to ensure we can continue to sustain the business and bring the finest quality coffee to market.

Due to significant increases in raw material and operational costs, Lavazza Coffee (UK) Ltd will be implementing a cost price increase across our Ground, Beans, Instant and Capsules products. The new cost prices will be effective on all orders from, 1ST September 2021.

Increases are being driven by global economic factors with the change to your cost prices due to the following reasons’,

• Green coffee prices have increased dramatically in the last 6 months for both Arabica and Robusta. Specialties and organic coffees have experienced even higher increases.

• Other raw material prices have increased due to demand and supply complications (e.g. oil, aluminium, cardboard and plastics).

• Freight rates have skyrocketed reaching new market highs.

Lavazza’s goal is to continue to offer the finest quality blends to our customers. Our blends deliver the best in-cup experience for our consumers by ensuring only superior quality raw materials.

16/6/2021 GB Confectionery PRICE INCREASES FROM 1st JULY

We have absorbed a high proportion of the raw material cost increases throughout the past 12mths but unfortunately, we are still not seeing any softening of raw material pricing but are in fact seeing the reverse happen most notably across cardboard and paper materials.

With no real end in sight to this I am afraid we are no longer able to absorb these additional increases and reluctantly need to raise our pricing accordingly. Effective from new orders placed for delivery after the 1st of July. This mean there will be a 2.5% increase on your current price.

16/6/2021 Janit-X Bin Bags PRICE INCREASES FROM 1st JULY

We have absorbed these as long as we can. But the impact this year is already well over £1m for us, and we cannot continue to swallow these sorts of additional costs. Our decision here was simple, either stop bringing product in whilst the price is so high, or carry on and have stock availability. We believe the second choice is the preferred option for our customers, and that is what we have done.
We don’t want to increase pricing, but you will be contacted to discuss new rates before the end of this month.
This in no way represents any increase in margin for us. In fact, it does not even begin to cover the full extent of the increases we have paid. But it will at least enable us to continue our current service to you.
We sincerely hope this situation eases back to “normal”. As soon as it does, we will of course be in touch to discuss pricing with you again.
We hope you understand, and thank you for your business with us.


This is to advise you of an ANOTHER upcoming price increase that will be implemented on 1st July 2021.
Due to escalating raw material, transportation, and other manufacturing costs, it is necessary to implement a price increase on all products as follows:
Increase Percentage +5%


Please note that there will be a Sea Kelp price increase effective 1st June 2021, with the attached your new confidential price list.
Sea Kelp has not had a price increase for several years, in spite of our costs having increased across the years, including further cost implications from global supply chain challenges during the pandemic.
Although there are price increases across products, I’m pleased to say that we’ve maintained current pricing on the 300ml pump bottles.
We have an environmentally-friendly range of FSC certified white boxed guest amenities and have included a small range of key COVID-19 products focusing on guest and staff health and safety, including disinfecting and sanitising products, gloves, masks and alcohol hand gel.
Thank you for your continued valued support of Sea Kelp.


As explained in the attached letter from our sales director, we have been forced to implement price increases across our Pukka Filing range. As you know, over the past year we have absorbed huge increases on materials and particularly freight and it has come to the stage where we cannot hold off these increases any longer. See attached the new prices which will come into effect immediately.


This is to advise you of an upcoming price increase that will be implemented on 1st June 2021.
Due to escalating raw material, transportation, and other manufacturing costs, it is necessary to implement a price increase on all products as follows:

Increase Percentage +8%


Over the last year we have seen milk and SMP, important ingredients in many of our products increase.
In addition to these dairy price increases we have also experienced increases in:
• Other important ingredients - Sugar, Veg Oils.
• Timber/Packaging
• Fuel/Energy
Throughout the recent challenging period caused by the pandemic and the on-going challenges that we all
face, we have tried our very best to absorb these increases but regrettably as from Tuesday 1st June 2021
we have no alternative but to increase our prices.


We are writing to advise you of a change in standard invoice price against some of the products in the Ferrero range, which you purchase from us, please see attached SKU detail.

The increase of the invoice prices for all Ferrero UK Limited customers will become effective from the 10th of May 2021.

This will be a minimum of 6% increase across the range.


As if Covid hasn’t been enough for us all to deal with during the last 12 months we now have to shift our focus onto BREXIT, global raw material shortages and months of negotiations with suppliers.

The last 10 months of 2020 in the lead up to BREXIT negotiations, we saw increasing volatility in the supply chain of raw materials and packaging
Raw materials have seen increases of between 3 and 5 fold. Cost of imports, increased administration and severely reduced availability are pushing prices up for raw materials globally.

With the onset of Biocidal Product Registrations and the complexity in regulating which raw materials can / cannot be used for production in disinfectants, and subsequent product registrations we’ve had to complete to comply with this legislation, we as a business have seen further significant cost implications.

We have tried to avoid passing on any price increases to our distributors where possible, and through internal initiatives have improved our purchasing and sourced new suppliers where possible. However, we have absorbed steady increases now for the last 10 months. Unfortunately we are at a point where the price escalations, BREXIT and further elements generated on a global scale, cannot be absorbed any further and we have no alternative but to introduce the following changes:

As of 10th May 2021 the pricing for all products will increase by 5%


Please find formal notification that Swizzels Matlow Ltd will be implementing a market wide cost price increase, effective Monday 31st May.

As a business, Swizzels have absorbed many additional costs over the last number of years, however continued increases in the price of raw materials, packaging, labour, utilities and distribution, mean that we cannot continue to do so and remain competitive.

These price increases range from between 12% and 25%. We will do our best to mitigate the price increases we pass on wherever possible.


I write to formally notify you of some staggered cost increase / SKU changes taking place relating to our portfolio of products.

These changes are driven by significant increases in costs being incurred by our business as we support our brands, innovate to add value to the tea category and others, invest in our infrastructure and critically to improve the CSR credentials of our ranges.

Our prices will increase across the portfolio of products supplied on all deliveries made from and including 1st May 2021 and will be a minimum of 3%

The above applies to all Tetley Products besides Tetley 440’s, Tetley 1100’s & Tetley 1540’s.

These products will be subject to a reduction in the drop weight of the Tetley polybag range (Product table below) will follow on or around the 1st June 2021. New Product detail such as pack codes and case weights will follow in due course and invoice pricing will remain unaffected on these lines.


Hozelock cannot continue to absorb all of these costs and we should increase our prices now by 25% to reflect their impact on our business.

However, we recognise that this would place our customers in a very difficult position, So we are gambling that raw material costs will return in the future to a more sustainable level, And are increasing our prices only by the absolute minimum required to be able to continue to supply.

Under the current exceptional Force Majeure circumstances, we have no choice but to increase our prices by 8% for all orders from Friday 9th April 2021


Since the outbreak of Covid and series of lockdowns, we have seen a huge increase in monthly demand across all products, which has exceeded our current monthly production capacity. We did think that this would start to get back to normal in the 4th quarter of 2020, however, this has just not been the case with demand still out-stripping production.

We have been working tirelessly to try and “fix” this shortfall in capacity and are well on the road to being able to not only meet this new level of demand, but also have room to expand further. As a result of a £10 million+ pound investment, we have purchased 14 new machines. Five of which are now adding to production, with a further nine machines due over the next two months. We have extended the production facility to a new building, having to also account for installation of extra power, extra cooling systems, more auto material feeding etc.; to be able to get these new machines on-line and producing as quickly as possible.

We apologise for the drop in our usual high level of service and supply and assure you we are doing everything to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and thank you for your continued support over the last 12 months.

Now that we are in a good place to be able to meet the new level of demand, we are now being hit with record high material prices and even more worrying, lack of raw material supplies. From November, material prices have increased rapidly (approx. 50% to date) with March alone being hit with an increase of €450 per tonne. We have been holding off price increases for as long as possible, but now have no alternative and will be looking at moving pricing by 10% from the 12th of April.

15/02/2021 Vitax Range Extended - New Products Available NOW!

Viutax are specialists in the supply of most essential things needed for successful gardening and growing. From fertilisers, plant foods, composts and lawn products to highly effective weedkillers and pest control products used by everyone from weekend gardeners and gardening enthusiasts to professional growers, groundsmen and greenkeepers.

NWT has extended our Vitax range by taking on 3 new product lines;

NWT6189 Vitax Perlite Compost Additive 20 Litre
NWT6190 Vitax Fertilizer Q4 2.5kg
NWT6191 Vitax Organic Potato Fertiliser 1kg

27/01/2021 COMING SOON - Win a £30,000 salary for a year with Nescafe!

NESCAFÉ Original is helping to boost the spirit of the nation by giving you the chance to WIN £/€30,000 salary. That’s £/€2,500 paid to your bank account every month for a whole year. PLUS, there’s a daily cash bonus of £/€100 available to be won too!

All you need to do is purchase any of our products from the NESCAFE Original Professional range*, fill in the form on Nestle Professionals website and attach a valid proof of purchase for a chance to WIN.

You have until 13th April to enter. Good luck!

*Participating products include: NESCAFÉ® Original Granules Tin 750g (x6), NESCAFÉ® Original Powder Tin 750g (x6), NESCAFÉ® Original Granules Tin 1kg (x3), NESCAFÉ® Original Granules Refill Pouch 600g, NESCAFÉ® Original Granules Sachets 1.8g (x200), NESCAFÉ® Original Decaff Tin 500g (x6), NESCAFÉ® Original Decaff Stick Packs 1.8g (x200).

22/12/2020 COMING SOON - Douwe Edberts Barista Coffee Beans Range!

These newest editions are made of 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ arabica beans expertly blended and roasted to meet the needs of every barista; to produce incredible full-bodied coffee, serve after serve.

Signature Espresso
Douwe Egberts Barista Editions Signature Espresso is a real all-rounder. A rich and aromatic blend crafted to deliver silky smooth black and white espresso-based drinks.
This carefully selected blend of 100% arabica coffee beans from Latin America is medium dark roasted with notes of dark honey and citrus fruits.

Rich Espresso
Douwe Egberts Barista Editions Rich Espresso is an intense and full-bodied blend roasted to pack a punch. Ideal for a straight espresso or firm favourites; cappuccino and flat white.
This carefully selected blend of 100% arabica coffee beans from South America is dark roasted with notes of sticky treacle and almonds.

16/11/2020 New Beech's Luxury Chocolate - Ideal Christmas Gift!

Introducing the new Luxurious Beech's chocolate gift range!
Our superb collection of award winning luxury confectionery is renowned for its unrivalled taste. So if you are looking for a beautiful, high-quality gift that only uses the finest natural ingredients, presented in stunning packaging, then we are delighted to say that you have come to the right place!
Beech's has been the home of traditional British Chocolate since 1920! We believe you should expect more from your treats, so we use only natural ingredients & traditional techniques passed down for generations to make the most delicious treats. Packed in beautifully decorative boxes our delicious confectionery really stands out from the crowd!

NESCAFÉ is giving you a chance to WIN £2,500 to treat your team every month! Plus £100 daily cash boosts to be won, just by following these easy steps.

1 - Purchase a participating product from the Nescafe Professional Range.
2 - Visit & provide proof of product purchase.
3 - You'll be entered into the monthly prize draw to win £2,500, plus £100 daily cash boosts!
Have you purchased your participating product from the NESCAFÉ Professional range?

14/09/2020 Introducing Starbucks By Nespresso!

Introducing Starbucks By Nespresso! The delicious new way to enjoy rich, authentic shots of Starbucks at home! Enjoy Starbucks Pods that are made for Nespresso coffee machines, now available from NWT FM Solutions.

With 8 brand new flavours to pick from, Starbucks by Nespresso is bound to have a flavour that coffee lovers crave!

08/09/2020 Our New Iams Pet Food Range Is Now Live!

Give your pet the tasty food they love with all the nutrition they need, all from a trusted brand with over 70 years’ experience in pet nutrition! Our aim is to provide you & your pet with the delicious pet food they deserve.

IAMS for Vitality, gives your pet complete and balanced nutrition, combining high levels of animal protein with an irresistible taste.

It helps to support your pet's vitality, letting their true personality shine through every day!

We have a variety of pet food available to suit your Cat or Dogs needs, regardless your pets size or age!

24/08/2020 NEW FURminator Grooming Pet Supplies Now Available!

Take your grooming routine into your own hands with our brand new Furminator range, Now Available!
Our new collections provides your pet with the tools and brushes needed to give that perfect groom! Used and recommended by veterinarians and professional groomers, our Furminator de-shedding range is guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, rake or comb!
The high-quality stainless-steel edge gently and efficiently reaches deep beneath the pet’s topcoat to safely and easily remove the undercoat, meaning less unwanted hair in the home, and a stronger glossy coat.
Our new range includes grooming tools, brushes & rakes for all pets, ranging from small animals like rabbits, & cats to all sizes of dog.
Providing your pet with the care it needs & deserves!

10/08/2020 All New Pet Supplies Range Is Now Live!

Our Brand New Pet Supplies Range Is Now Live!
Take great care of your pet with our comprehensive collection of pet supplies, food, & treats! Whether you're a cat owner or a dog lover, we've got you covered with everything you need for your furry friend!
With the mass variety of new lines, we will be offering multiple flavours & brands including, Whiskas, Pedigree, Sheba, Dreamies, Bakers, Felix & many more!
Check out our wide collections across our store which include: Cat and Dog Dried Food, Cat and Dog Wet Food, Cat and Dog Treats, Cat Litter, Bird Seed, & a variety of grooming tools!
We hope to provide you with all your pet supplies & pet food over the coming years!

20/07/2020 Pet Food & Treats - Coming Soon!

NWT FM Solutions are happy to announce that we are venturing into the sale of pet food & pet necessities!
We understand not every pet has the same food tastes and requirements, which is why soon, we will be offering over 100 new lines dedicated to finding to perfect food or treat for your furry little friend!
With the mass variety of new lines, we will be offering multiple flavours & brands including, Whiskas, Pedigree, Sheba, Dreamies, Bakers, Felix & many more!
Not only are we committed to providing you and your pets delicious food and treats, to keep them happy & healthy, we are also devoted to providing you these products & services at a great price!

14/07/2020 Coronavirus Update - VAT

As part of the Governments initiative to get Hospitality sector back on its feet, the UK Government has implemented a temporary reduction on VAT due, down from 20% to 5% on selected products, starting tomorrow on 15/07/2020.

This is to be claimed back on a VAT return, based on the sale of these goods to consumers. This is not a reduction in the VAT charged to purchase of goods across our website.

Therefore the VAT on our prices for these products will remain unchanged.

Us at NWT FM Solutions welcome the Governments decision. Which is why we will be running promotions on certain lines we supply into these sectors, to hopefully do our part in getting many businesses up & running as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for our promotional emails!

For more information & guidance on which products this effects to can be found on the UK Government website. (Links Below)

12/06/2020 *NOW IN STOCK* Speciality PPE Masks & Gloves

Prepare yourself for the new government rules that are being put in place, which require mandatory face coverings whilst on public transport with our new PPE lines. NWT always has your safety in mind which is why we are now a specialist within personal protective equipment, with a new large range of both disposable, reusable, & filter masks. As well as an ever-growing selection of gloves that range in a variety of colour, material and size.

01/06/2020 Coronavirus Update

With the ease of lock-down measures set out by the UK Government and a return to work for the majority of our customers, NWT FM Solutions would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers who have stuck with us through these difficult times, and we appreciate the patience and understanding you have shown in any disruptions that the current situation has caused.

We would also like to take this opportunity and thank our staff who have been working relentlessly to keep your wholesale shopping experience up to our usual high standards.

Although we have been operating throughout the UK lock-down, we can assure you that NWT FM Solutions are constantly making amendments to our processes and working environment to ensure the safety of our staff and customers.

During this time period, NWT FM Solutions, have expanded upon our large gardening sector and PPE equipment and products, accommodating for multiple needs across any business that may be working to reopen, or may have already reopened.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you to our customers for sticking with us through these unprecedented times, & we cannot wait to be working with you in the future!

13/04/2020 NWT FM Solutions Acquires a New Warehouse & Dropship Services

NWT FM Solutions is proud to announce the acquirement of a new warehouse near our current Huyton based warehouse.

The move will particularly benefit our distribution as it allows us to expand our range of products that would not have been possible before such as the recently added gardening range of planters and troughs. This is also especially beneficial through our 3rd party & dropship services, as it allows us to hold more stock more than ever before, allowing for a smoother and more streamlined service of distribution services. We believe that is the next big step to help our company expand even more and provide a better-quality service and a larger variety of products to our ever-growing customer base.

You may be asking yourself what is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is an order fulfilment method that does not require a business to keep products in stock. Instead, the store sells the product, and passes on the sales order to a third-party supplier (NWT FM Solutions), who then ships the order to the customer.

Over a million parcels have currently been shipped via our 3rd party service, with all deliveries are GPS tracked and signed. We can also send your customers invoice within the box.

If you wish to receive more information about this worthwhile service, please contact us today.

23/03/2020 Our Everyday Business & Homewares Just Got Even Bigger!

We understand the need for essential and daily business & homewares, whether this be your ceramic coffee cups or tea pots which are indispensable to any morning, to even floor and door mats that keep your door and entry clean.

Which is why we are working on expanding our current product ranges with brand new everyday products being updated frequently, from brands such as Janit-X and FiXtures! We understand not every person and business has the same wants and needs, so we try our best to offer such a wide variety of home, kitchen, & business products of products to suit every customers needs!

02/03/2020 *NEW* Gardening Products and Planters!

Are you looking to style your garden, corporate venue or office outdoor area? We have a super selection of gardening products, planters and troughs to help you grow and design your dream garden!

Our garden planters and troughs are perfect for balcony plants, palms, bamboos, yuccas, figs and topiary.

Whilst our new gardening and outdoors sector offers a variety of different gardening products.

Whether it’s Garden Seed products, Garden Compost products, Plant Food or even Plant Pest Sprays from multiple brands such as Evergreen or Miracle-Gro, our Collection of the latest gardening products is sure to give you inspiration for your perfect garden!

10/02/20 Storm Ciara Delivery Delays

Due to the severe weather across the UK your delivery dates may be impacted. While every effort to pick, pack and dispatch orders will be done from our side couriers have informed us of serious delays on a national basis that may have an impact to the delivery timetable.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused at this time.

10/12/19 Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year From All of us At NWT!

Our closing times and ordering/delivery dates during the Christmas Holidays are as follows:

Friday 20th December – Delivered Monday 23rd December. (Last day for pallet deliveries prior to festive period)
Monday 23rd December – Delivered 24th December
Tuesday 24th December – Delivered 27th December. (All orders to be placed by 1pm)
Wednesday 25th December/Wednesday 1st January inclusive – CLOSED.
Thursday 2nd January – Normal business day.

Please note:

Subject to availability and our cut off time for next day orders is 1pm for pallet deliveries, and 4pm for parcel deliveries.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your valued custom throughout the year. We look forward to working alongside you in 2020.

23/10/19 We’re proud to announce the launch of our new website.

NWT FM Solutions has been evolving rapidly over the years. Since the business was established over 20 years ago, we have amassed a huge variety of products to suit all business sectors. We've aimed to build you a better online user experience so you can find products with ease and more efficiently, as well as lots of other customer benefits.

New Features

  • Customers can check our stock levels prior to order. Rest assured if we do not have an item in stock, it will be in within a couple of days!
  • Browsers can now see our Recommended Retail Price Pricing without having to log in.
  • Customers pre agreed wholesale pricing will appear once they are logged in.
    (As previously, nobody can set up an account or order without going through checks from our Accounts Department first.)
  • All our Workwear lines are available on a 2-Day Delivery service only, regardless of stock levels on website.
  • All online orders will automatically be entered into our system, removing the human error aspect. (Although this was previously very rare with our Admin staff!)

We’ve developed our new site with you in mind, so we hope you enjoy using it and would love to hear any feedback you may have.

Your log in details to this website will be the email address you designated and the password nwt123.

Once you are logged in you are able to change your password to anything you require.

18/10/19 Price Files

NWT quarterly prices updates are now available covering October 1st until 31st December 2019.

Please contact your Field Sales Manager if you haven’t received yours.

Also please be reminded that if you require Next Day Delivery you must send your orders to us before 4pm.

17/10/19 3rd Party Delivery Service

Did you know that we can deliver direct to your customer?
Over a million parcels have now been shipped via our 3rd party service.
All deliveries are GPS tracked and signed. We can also send your customers invoice within the box.

3rd Party Delivery Rates

DPD Next Day: £6.99

Hermes 1 – 3 Days: £4.29

If you wish to receive more information about this worthwhile service please contact your Field Sales Manager today.

07/10/19 Biodegradable & Compostable Range

There has recently been a surge in public awakening about the plastic pollution crisis. "Single Use" has become an everyday phrase now in the UK. Business owners should feel confident in their decision to adopt biodegradable and compostable products. More than superficial benefits, they’ll enjoy reduced costs and carbon emissions while increasing consumer convenience and reducing plastic pollution. The advantages are clear. Take a look at our biodegradable and compostable range today, we aim to provide lots more biodegradable new lines in the near future to accommodate the recyclable and single use plastic product demand.

29/07/19 New Dolce Gusto South American Flavoured Pods

New From Nescafe Dolce Gusto, 4 new flavours taking you to the depths and heights of South America. Experience the true orgnaic fragrance of Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Honduars with these super new capsules designed for Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines, each box contains 12 drinks. The perfect way to transform your mornings.

With NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto®, you can enjoy over 30 premium coffee creations, whether you like your coffee short or long, black or white. Enjoy a choice of bold Ristretto, intense Espresso, aromatic Lungo and full-bodied Americano Intenso or frothy Cappuccino, smooth Latte Macchiato, or even hot chocolate, teas, and cold beverages.

10/06/2019 Gourmet Beverage Flavours From Monin

Monin gourmet syrups and cordials are perfect for making delicious gourmet coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, milk shakes and lots more. The uses of these fantastic range of flavours also include cocktails, mocktails, lemonades and smoothies, and it doesn't just stop at drinks, you can also utilise the Monin range to create marinades, sauces, and dessert recipes.

NWT FM Solutions now stock over 30 different flavours of Monin in 1litre glass and 700ml plastic formats with the following new lines arriving this week.

Monin Cloudy Lemonade 1Litre
Monin Salted Caramel Coffee Syrup 1litre (Plastic)
Monin Pink Grapefruit Coffee Syrup 700ml (Glass)
Monin Chai Coffee Syrup 700ml (Glass)
Monin Chai Coffee Syrup 1litre (Plastic)
Monin Green Mint Coffee Syrup 700ml (Glass)
Monin Green Mint Coffee Syrup 1litre (Plastic)
Monin Popcorn Coffee Syrup 700ml (Glass)
Monin Popcorn Coffee Syrup 1litre (Plastic)
Monin Winter Spice Coffee Syrup 700ml (Glass)
Monin Honeycomb Coffee Syrup 1litre (Plastic)
Monin Sugar Free Gingerbread Coffee Syrup 1litre (Plastic)
Monin Reduced Sugar Salted Caramel Coffee Syrup 1litre (Plastic)

04/06/19 7 Essential Tips For Making Great Coffee At Home Or Work

Mastering a few fundamentals to making good coffee can result in a much better flavour. The temperature of your water, brewing duration and the quality of the coffee itself can result in a much better brew. Here we look at making great coffee using beans. There are of course lots of choices and the right choice of beans is personal to you.

1. The most obvious – buy great quality coffee beans! Whole beans are the best. Never re-use beans after brewing.

2. Make sure you grind your coffee just before brewing.

3. Keep your coffee stored in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight. It’s not a good idea to freeze the beans, unless you are intending to use them after two weeks.

4. Use a good amount of coffee, and the right proportion of coffee to water. One to two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water, or to be more specific for every 1 gram of coffee, use 17 grams of water.

5. Find the right grind size for your coffee beans and aim for a uniform grind. If your coffee is to bitter it may be that the grind is too fine.

6. Don’t use boiling water as this can sour the coffee. Control the temperature of your water. Somewhere between 195 and 202 degrees is adequate.

7. Use quality tools. Buy the right bean grinder and coffee maker. Make a good investment in your coffee drinking future and the results will be a great taste.

13/05/19 New Restaurant & Cafe Supplies

Our Restaurant, Catering, Coffee Shop and Cafe supply lines have just increased with a varied selection of new lines available now. We now stock Slate Presentation Boards in various sizes, with a natural finish, these Presentation Boards are perfect for creating a stunning contrast at the table, especially when placed against a crisp, white cloth or on a light, wooden board. We also have 1.5 litre Stainless Steel Push Button Vacuum Jugs, perfect for keeping drinks at the right temperature for longer than if left to stew in a pot. Another great new line for restaurants are double sided A4 and A5 Countertop Menu Chalkboards with handles for portability, Dishwasher Safe Non-Slip Polypropylene Round Waitress Tray's with a special non slip surface and high quality numbered Food Order Pads each containing 100 pages, featuring easy tear perforated paper for quick removal.

29/01/19 Our Catering Range Has Increased

We have been providing business catering supplies to a wide range of business sectors and organisations throughout the UK for many years. Tea, coffee, vending and biscuits are a huge part of our product range and demand for these lines is getting bigger every year.

According to recent research approximately 86% of the UK’s full-time workers drink tea and coffee every day, for many people a regular caffeine boost helps increase endurance and performance throughout the working day, which can be a big plus for employers, and due to the recent rise of café culture and big brand high street coffee outlets many employees are more aware and will take time out to indulge and spend time in coffee shops. However, some employers are yet to recognise the benefits to a business of providing basic catering essentials to their workforce within their own premises.

According to more research, 75% of staff buy their coffee and tea out of office, resulting in an estimated 40 hours of lost office time per employee each year. Recent studies have shown that employees consider access to high quality coffee is an important workplace perk, proving that the company cares about its workers.

18/07/2018 LATEST NEWS

We now have a new Northern Field Sales Representative - Mark Williams. Mark has been with the company for many years so has a vast product knowledge.

Our offices now have a Wall Mural that showcases a unique journey through our variety of brands and products.

In May North West Teas bought a new fleet of vans that are now delivering stock to local customers.

By now you will also be aware that we are stocking a wide range of Workwear including gloves, boots, high vis jackets and vests, safety glasses, head and knee protectors, aprons, overalls and lots more. This new range is being constantly updated with new lines as of June this year. There's a world of choice to suit all sectors and areas of retail and industry including construction, catering, beauty, hospitality, automotive and engineering.

From  1st July 2018 we launched a new price file. If you’d like one sending over please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team. 


With the continued growth of NWT sending out 3rd party delivery orders, we have decided to make our website more compatible for ordering in Single Units. As of March 2018, you will notice significant changes to the way you order your Single Units. Instead of seeing case prices first, you will now see Single Units as the main focus, with prices for Cases a secondary option.

Fear not, all discounted prices for cases will remain the same. We will send out multiple reminders before the change so that you do not order the wrong quantities. We believe this will benefit all customers going forward, as there are considerable savings to be made using NWTs 3rd Party Direct Service.


NWT FM Solutions now has a new price list for January 2018. If you haven't got your then please let us know.


NWT Group has moved into a new 30,000 sq ft distribution centre.  “ We are pleased to announce the move into the newly acquired picking and distribution warehouse has been completed ahead of schedule. The move was carried out with the utmost professionalism with no downtime at all to any of our customer base. The new facility is within easy reach of our import centre and will speed up internal stock movements to help distribute more efficiently. The extra capacity will see new lines introduced over the coming months on all our selling formats and push the businesses onto greater success in the future. The move will particularly benefit our wholesale distribution customers as it will enable extra stock holding and a more streamlined 3rd party distribution” said Ryan Torrible, Business Development Manager.


NWT FM Solutions follows up its previous years growth with positive figures for the first half of 2017. The number of Orders processed in the period 1st January 207 to 30th June 2017 is up 25% when compared to the same time last year. This is the fastest growth experienced since 2012.

NWT has also had positive figures in Turnover with a 6 month growth of 15% in Turnover compared to 2016 figures, with June's figure up 49.3% against June 2016.


NWT FM Solutions announced the purchase of a new distribution facility of J6 M62 Liverpool. Group MD Tony Torrible said " This acquisition will move the groups business further ahead in range, storage & speed of delivery. Our customers are asking us for product storage facilities to complement the current range we deliver on their behalf which we will now be able to accommodate."

The new facility will give the group an extra 1000 pallet bays and will incorporate the current external import centre also based in Huyton. " Moving more of our distribution and storage under one roof will streamline our services to cope with growing demand on order processing and storage, it will also give NWT the space to develop into other areas of distribution. We currently process 26,000 orders per month with a 30% growth YOY. If we don't plan for the success of the group going forward we will stifle the great growth we have shown over the last 10 years. The facility should be up and fully operational within 12 months ".


As of 1st January 2017, we have been forced to implement an increase in our minimum order value for free delivery. With the amount of price rises as well as the vast increase in our product range NWT we feel this should still be relatively easy to achieve. All other orders below minimum will be charged at £6.99 (per 25kg parcel) and an economy service at £3.99. These competitive rates also apply to 3rd party delivery.


If you would like to download our new July 2016 price file straight into your system, it is now available on the atomic website.

Alternatively, if you operate on the Horizon system, please email and one will be sent directly to you.


Not only an option for Office Supplies Dealers, this an ideal solution for any company in any sector. You have access to 1500 products on a next day service to your customer.

List the products on your website (we can even help with that!) and send your orders over to us once they come rolling in!

Do big business in a product we don't stock? Thats fine, order it in and have it delivered here. We will break it down for you and send it to your customers when you get an order.


In order to satisfy the increased demand for our Belgravia Range Cups, NWT has placed its 50th Container order in just 18 months. Thats a Container every 10 days!

Be on the look out for our patented Red & Black cups, as we have contracts for these across the UK. NWT is the only place you can get these.


If you or your customer are not in a rush for stock, why not try our 3-5 working day delivery option with Hermes?

NWT Customers can now benefit from the volume distribution rates received by UK Business Supplies by utilising the 2-3 day service. Either direct to your warehouse or to a 3rd party plain Label}.

The shipping much rate is cheaper than next day, with the same quality service you are used to


As part of our goal to be a one stop shop for all of our customers, we have signed a deal with Really Useful Products Limited to stock their products and offer out to all of our customers.

We buy these in bulk and keep them in stock for you to order as you need them. Ideal for storing Food, Files, Paperwork, Coffee Beans and anything else you can think of!


NWT would like to welcome Sally Mathews-Parry to our Sales force. Sally brings with her a wealth of experience from her previous positions, and we are looking forward to growing our business with her help.

Sally will predominantly be looking to expand on our Packaging & Disposables sector, however will also be available to any of our Northern Accounts for all things NWT related.


If you would like to download our new January 2016 price file straight into your system, it is now available on the atomic website.

Alternatively, if you operate on the Horizon system, please email and one will be sent directly to you.


Wishing all of our wonderful customers a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from all of us at NWT.


NWT FM Solutions in conjunction with CPD plc have been awarded the Office Depot Catering Supply contract commencing June 2015. The £8m business for catering SKU’s has been won by NWT & CPD plc as part of an overall greater facility supply contract.

Tony Torrible MD of NWT FM Solutions said “ The contract is a great win for all parties involved and I’m sure the service levels and vast product range supplied through NWT will enhance the offering provided by Office Depot and maximise their sales.”


As you will know, we have had our website for the last 4 and a half years. With the advancement of websites capabilities our website was a little left behind the times. We are happy to report that this is no longer the case. We have teamed up with Igoo who have custom made built a brand new Magento Website. From here you will be able to place orders for delivery to either your warehouse, or directly to your customers on a next day service. If you need any assistance with how to use the website please do not hesitate to contact us.


For those of you familiar with the ECI Atomic system, this will be a great benefit. Our catalogue, and your everyday low prices, are now available to download straight into your software solutions system, meaning that you can compare our prices with any other wholesaler catalogue you have directly on one page. This is available for any Horizon, Progress, Vision, Prima, Pulse or any other user and is quick and easy to download. Contact us today for more information.


As our business has grown, our requirements for our Orders & Accounts systems have changed. We have now outgrown our Sage system, and are pleased to announce that we are now running a brand new Horizon system. This will give us further scope for new products, and should make stock management, order procsessing and invoicing run much more smoothly. Of course there will be teething problems with this so please bear with us, but we believe that overall you should see a great benefit to us investing in this new system. This is the first of many upgrades within the next 12 months, so please be on the look out for more improvements.

08/07/2014 PG TIPS 1150

We have been informed of a possible packing error with certain cases of PG Tips 1150 on deliveries between 30/06/2014-08/07/2014. If you have been effected by this from a NWT order please contact 0151 703 0044


To make the ordering system more streamline and easier for our customers we have merged North West Tea and North West Tea Direct websites. This now means our customers only have to login to one website to find over 700+ lines available for next day delivery.
All products can be found in singular and case prices. When an order is placed you also have the option of next day delivery to your office or Direct plain label to your customer saving on additional postage.


North West Tea are pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Churcher as Field Sales Manager. "Pete brings a wealth of experience with him having been with Tetley GB for over 20 years. Working in the wholesale and foodservice distribution sectors Pete’s experience will be vital in the development of new and existing customers , we look forward to working together over the coming years". Tony Torrible. Peter can be contacted on


North West Tea is pleased to announce that they have come to a supply arrangement with The Nemo Buying Group's 50+ members. Daniel Wilde Business Development Manager said" Taking on another large buying group is always challenging but rewarding for all parties, we hope to offer our full range of services through both Wholesale and NWTDirect. We see Nemo as a proactive group and look to help Dealers progress and win business in the FM sector. I will be contacting Dealers over the coming weeks to discuss the benefits of both systems but if any dealer wants to contact me direct I will be happy talk them through the service".


North West Tea has increased sales of 42% for the year ending 2011. “ We have followed what was a very good previous year with another good set of figures, we are organically moving into different sectors of business then opening these SKU’s to all our customer base. Its been a very challenging year coping with the increased business, the aim is to keep doing what we do best Good Service , Good Supply and a Good Range.”


North West Teas online small order service see 1000th order after just two months.


North West Tea the Liverpool based hot beverage wholesaler has today purchased the assets of Ormskirk based UK Business Supplies Ltd, the stock and customer base of the catering distribution business was purchased out of administration.

Mr Tony Torrible MD at North West Tea said "This was a long term customer of NWT and we felt it will be a good bolt on to the catering side of the business. Restaurant and Catering supplies is a growing sector and we look forward to extending the our larger product range into an established customer base. 

While we have purchased certain assets of the company we will be leaving the management and staff to run this independently from NWT. "


Superstat and Praxis have entered into a new reciprocal agreement with Liverpool based distributor North West Tea. With North West Tea becoming a fully credited approved supplier to the Superstat groups will enhance the group’s current offering to its dealers by extending the range and availability of beverage and similar products.

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